Mars Rising by Cidney Swanson

I am not so good with suspense. I clearly remember when I was young having to leave the room during an episode of Lassie because it was too much to handle. I don’t really do well with unscheduled changes either. It takes me a while to change gears, so to speak. That said, I must tell you that I had to take several suspense-driven breaks while reading Mars Rising, the sixth and final book of the Saving Mars series by Cidney Swanson. 

Like the rest of the series, the action is full of twists and turns. With each apparent resolution to the conflicts presented, some small incident or reaction pulls the story to another level of suspense (insert a Break here to get a cup of tea, do some laundry, and take a deep breath).  

Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t wait to get back and find out  What.Happens.Next.  

(In fact, during a break I started writing this review.)  

In this final book it becomes clear that Jessamyn and company will have to face the Terran Chancellor Lucca Brezhnaya and right the wrongs she has created. One of the crucial issues is knowing how to deal with her (such an annoying villain), and I will say that she is dealt with in quite a suitable way. Saving Mars is of course the main issue and our cast of characters manages to find a way, though not without some losses. Also, don’t forget, Jessamyn stole the Red Galleon and will have to stand trial and someone will need to be the Mars Ambassador on Earth

Read this final book of the series and find out if they can all live Happily Ever After. 

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